Thoughts #2

Love Can Be So confusing But In The Long Run You got to Follow Your Heart…



Its been a weird few months. Crazy crazy weird. Months without talking to the man I love most. we hit the rocks hard. I don’t quite know what happened, the specifics aren’t really important anyway. We broke up . Months of nightmare. Everything was into a coma. I was in a dilemma.


I don’t trust easily. It’s very very hard. But then when I trust, I do it as a fool.The hardest point is gaining my trust. When you gain it things go wrong when you mess up my trust.  When I returned from Nyeri I fell hard and fast for this man . He Swept me off my feet and never once doubted what we had.  Those short months of uncertainty trashed me. I was depressed, anxious, totally lost. Now I’m scared.


We had arguments like any other lovers but our arguments never lasted for long. We didn’t have…

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Articulate Brand Marketing Ltd

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The Seven Types of Men You will meet in Nairobi


Nairobi Men image: courtesy

Singlehood. Oh how I think this is the best time for any woman to be. It is not as harsh as the Kenyan men would want to throw it on us or how desperate evil vultures (read fake preachers and witch doctors) would want to sell you all sorts of olive oil and concoctions to bag you the wealthiest bachelors in town……upuuuuuuuuuuus!
I see the strange look on all the women’s faces when after a brief introduction; I tell them I’m single. Well, even if you spotted me with an engagement ring, i’m still single. The government is clear: you are either married, single, divorced or widowed. Let’s do a quick scan here…none of my previous hubbies(read boyfriend has ever died), I still have not done my Attorney General wedding( me thinks weddings are overrated, just get me a nice 100 by 100 plot hapo Ruiru and…

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Every love story ends with the two people cuddling into ever-after bliss



I am captivated by how people in love
just sort of mesh together. You see them
walking down the street and they
somehow look the same, and they dress
the same, and they didn’t even try. And
they don’t notice but they are walking
in step and they are leaning into each
other, and even if they aren’t holding
hands, their fingers keep brushing. And
when you talk to a couple, you can tell
the second you meet them that they are
together, because they laugh at the same
time and they talk similarly. And it
isn’t because they are trying to copy one
another, they are just so perfectly fit
that they sort of put the good parts of
themselves together to make one big,
happy two headed person.
I like that.
I like looking at people in love.
Real love is this magical, warm nest that
you build…

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