I wish you could have lived to see me grow to be what I am today. I had no opportunity to say the word ‘mama’ to you in my 10+ older. I envied my age mates when they called their mothers ‘mum’. Some would brag about their mothers while others would take them as their refuge and defense. I remember many times I fell sick and none would take me to hospital. I got used to being chased from people’s houses where I sought places to sleep since dad didn’t built a house for me. I wish he had his own; I would go and rest in that dusty floor. Many times I slept in the cold having been chased in the death of the night with no alternative place to go for sleep. I was accused of not having a blanket of my own. Dad wasn’t their for me either. For the 8 years I was in Top Ten class position in Kenyatta and General Kago Primary School, the only appreciation I received was that forced claps during closing day! As I grew up, I went to Our Ushago I tend to visit your cemetery next to our Family House in Sakwa Bondo where at Age 11 I witness them lowering your casket so as to forever separate you with Me. I wish I could decorate that Burial site with precious stones!
I still use my Dad’s name in all my documents because I want to appreciate him even though i never got to meet Him even though I later forgave him. What I know you is that He existed; this old photos of you two Him in a Well fiting nice Suit and You Mum in that Tiny Mini Skirt, Head skurf and a well fitting Blouse (You guys slayed) and this golden mark of umbilical cord in my tummy tells it all! Mum, You were a very nice beautiful dark lady ever smiling even during moments of pain. I Loved how you would toss me up in the air in joy … the way you used to call me ‘Daddy’, and that nice story of how I Started eating Meat especially matumbo those words and stories still live on. Ooh mum!
But mum, whenever you are just Pray for your Sons and Daughter. Am Repeating just pray for them.