Evolution They Call It…

IMG-20151108-WA0025Why are relationships so hard today? Why do we fail at love every time, despite trying so hard?
Why have humans suddenly become so inept at making relationships last?
Have we forgotten how to love?
Or worse, forgotten what love is?
We’re not prepared. We’re not prepared for the sacrifices, for the compromises, for the unconditional love. We’re not ready to invest all that it takes to make a relationship work. We want everything easy. We’re quitters. All it takes is a single hurdle to make us crumble to our feet. We don’t let our love grow, we let go before time.image
It’s not love we’re looking for, only excitement and thrill in life. We want someone to watch movies and party with, not someone who understands us even in our deepest silences. We spend time together, we don’t make memories. We don’t want the boring life. We don’t want a partner for life, just someone who can make us feel alive right now, this very instant. When the excitement fades, we discover nobody ever prepared us for the mundane. We don’t believe in the beauty of predictability because we’re too blinded by the thrill of adventure.
We immerse ourselves in the inconsequentials of the city life, leaving no space for love. We don’t have time to love, we don’t have the patience to deal with relationships. We’re busy people chasing materialistic dreams and there’s no scope to love. IMG-20151016-WA0013Relationships are nothing more than convenience.
We look for instant gratification in everything we do – the things we post online, the careers we choose, and the people we fall in love with. We want the maturity in a relationship that comes with time, the emotional connect that develops over years, that sense of belonging when we barely even know the other person. Apparently, nothing’s worth our time and patience – not even love.
We’d rather spend an hour each with a hundred people than spending a day with one. We believe in having ‘options’. We’re ‘social’ people. We believe more in meeting people than getting to know them. We’re greedy. We want to have everything. We get into relationships at the slightest attraction and step out, the moment we find someone better. We don’t want to bring out the best in that one person. We want them to be perfect. We date a lot of people but rarely give any of them a real chance. We’re disappointed in everyone.
Technology has brought us closer, so close that it’s impossible to breathe. Our physical presence has been replaced by texts, voice messages, snapchats and video calls. We don’t feel the need to spend time together anymore. IMG-20151023-WA0052We have too much of each other already. There’s nothing left to talk about.
We’re a generation of ‘wanderers’ who wouldn’t stay at one place for too long. Everyone is commitment phobic. We believe we’re not meant for relationships. We don’t want to settle down. Even the thought of it is scary. We cannot imagine being with one person for the rest of our lives. We walk away. We despise permanence like its some social evil. We like to believe we’re ‘different’ than the rest. We like to believe we don’t conform to social norms.
We’re a generation that calls itself ‘sexually liberated’. We can tell sex apart from love, or so we think. We’re the hook-up-break-up generation. We have sex first and then decide if we want to love someone. Sex comes easy, loyalty doesn’t. Getting laid has become the new getting drunk. You do it not because you love the other person, but because you want to feel good. It’s all the temporary fulfillment we need. Sex outside relationships isn’t a taboo anymore. Relationships aren’t that simple anymore. imageThere are open relationships, friends with benefits, causal flings, one-night stands, no strings attached – we’ve left very little exclusivity for love in our lives.
We’re the practical generation who runs by logic alone. We don’t know how to love madly anymore. We wouldn’t take a flight to a far-off land just to see someone we love. We’d break up because, long distance. We’re too sensible for love. Too sensible for our own good.
We’re a scared generation – scared to fall in love, scared to commit, scared to fall, scared to get hurt, scared to get our hearts broken. We don’t allow anyone in, nor do we step out and love anyone unconditionally. We lurk from behind walls we’ve created ourselves, looking for love and running away the moment we really find it. We suddenly ‘cannot handle it’. We don’t want to be vulnerable. We don’t want to bare our soul to anyone. We’re too guarded.

We don’t even value relationships anymore. We let go of the most wonderful people for ‘the other fishes in the sea.’ We don’t consider them sacred anymore.
There’s nothing we couldn’t conquer in this world, and yet, here we are ham-fisted at the game of love – the most basic of human instincts. Evolution, they call it.

Who Is A Mother


Who is a mother? A mother is a friend.
Who is a mother? A mother is your hero.

8_19_2015 8_54_31 PM
Who is a mother? A mother is
someone who can make your wishes comes true.
Who is a mother? A mother is sugar and spice.
Who is a mother? A mother knows all the coolest music and style.
Who is a mother? A mother is
everything in between.

Who is a mother? A mother is a better version of you.
african-mother-janet-mcgrathWho is a mother? A mother is your mommy till the day that you leave this world behind.

So When Your lucky to still have her around appreciate her, value her, love her do everything that can make her Smile.


Hi Love,


Its just a month since we met,So far,we have had great fun…You’v been
great,fun,interesting ,loving,lovely and lovable …And Hey,am still in LOVE with You…
You gotta accept a few
a few habits….
BEFORE You came into My life,I was a Rugby fan,I used to go watch a game EVERY WEEKEND with my boys…in the pub,cheering and celebrating my team.,AND You have to
accept THAT FACT! You have NO right whatsoever to start pulling Me away from Rudge! The FACT that I Love You doesn’t mean I have started HATING my team! Am still the same Man,same Rudge lover AND ANYTIME there is a match ,I EXPECT that you will behave yourself AND LET ME BE ME! After  all,I will ONLY watch a match for 80 minutes AND spend the rest seconds,minutes,hours,days,months and years with You! Be Fair!


I love my bottle…..I am NOT a drunkard ,not an alcoholic but I love my occasional cold beer….DON’T try changing Me,DON’T try turning me into some Arch- Bishop… Its my beer,You met me with it…If You want to enjoy this relationship,BETTER let me enjoy my beer….After all,You told Me You Love Me,You didn’t say You Love the SOBER Me!
I have Ex-girlfriends! THAT’S A FACT! Better live with it darling! Quit asking how many they are because,truth is,I WILL LIE. Yes,av had a couple bitches here n there, I’ve
banged a couple pussies here and there BUT atleast I stil have my heart! And my D!
So,STOP bothering me with the “Ex” questions,YES,I had them,I did them,I
banged them,I loved some of them BUT its over NOW! They are in my PAST, So STOP
bringing them Up! Hey,I am NOT Father Teresa! I have boyfriends!  Crazy,weird,noisy,mouthy and sometimes annoying Boyfriends!  YOU BETTER ACCEPT THEM! I met them before You,I’ve been through shit with them,thru hell with them!
They are an extension of Me! I hang out with them,laugh with them,joke with them
n share with them! Hating them WONT make Me Love You more! Accept my boyfriends AND be friends with them coz,whether You like it or not,those Motherfuckers are here to stay!!! I DONT have to remember Everythng! I am NOT a teleprompter! I am human. I can
forget dates…Birthday dates,Anniversary or any stupid date,Its called being a Man. So,stop acting up every-time I forget a date,You should thank God I haven’t forgotten You! Its Your job to be neat always. NOT MINE. Finding dirty socks on my gas cooker is as normal as Harambee Stars losing a match and Arsenal not winning trophies season in season out! Live with It. I LOVE SEX. That’s Me. A Man. So,STOP pretending that you are surprised that am always horny for You…its normal.Given a chance,I would do it ANYTIME,ANYWHERE…so,better STOP denying me that cookie! DONT blame Me,trace it back to the biblical King Solomon. My D is my D! The size is my size! You either appreciate it or LEAVE me! I wont sit here n watch You complaining about my D! Its NOT about how DEEP I can go in You,its about how DEEP my love for you Is. Sometimes I cum fast,sometimes I stay longer! Its being a MAN! So,stop whining and acting up everytime I cum too quick! You should thank God I CAME! That means You are too awesome to DELAY ! After all,Its NOT about how long I can last in bed,its about how LONG this relationship will last!!! But Hey, DONT BE FOOLED! Sometimes I can last longer than the some DJ You like! Try Me! DONT EVER compare Me with Your Ex. If he was sooo good,what THE FUCK are You doing with Me??? If am good in bed,SPREAD the word to Your girlfriends…and sisters….and female cousins…..If am poor,SPREAD the word to Me….I’ll do something about it… Never attack me verbally in public! Never Ever! Its a crime! We are Lovers,NOT Politicians. My phone IS my phone. The stuff that goes on there is crazier than a XtianDela TV! Leave it alone!
Oh,and NEVER answer my calls! Ever! If they wanted to talk to You,they would have called You instead! If I have the money,we’ll spend it. If am broke…Sit down and pray for Me. Dont start Acting Up because my wallet is empty! Hey,I came into Your life to LOVE YOU, Not to bail you out! ALWAYS REMEMBER, I came to attend to Your heart affairs,NOT FINANCIAL AFFAIRS! I am Your Boyfriend! Not Bill Gates!!! But just know I Love You
Abu McOgutu.