8 Elements Of Social Media Marketing

8 Fundamental Elements of a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy Caitlin Burgess on May 23rd, 2017     Social Media     Social media is a staple marketing tactic for nearly every business, helping brands build awareness, share and interact with customers and prospects, and create important touch points in the changing customer journey. However, both green … Continue reading 8 Elements Of Social Media Marketing



You’ve been calling her consistently for the past one hour, and she has been avoiding your calls like plague for all that while.May I add that you’re annoying and irritating, for I have to start all over again.
“Wait, Joe, I think he knows…”
No, of course you don’t know anything. You’re just suspicious,a voice in you afraid to utter out your little insecurities; lest you lose her, or so you think. Poor you!
“Remmie, relax, he has no idea, it’s just you and me right now; forget him!” I smirk back, loving the sheepish nod she gives me back.
Two or three kisses later, you’re just but a frigment of her memory, the tiny bit I can’t totally wipe. I guess she does really care for you. I don’t give a hoot anyway.
She’s all high, slowly giving in to my demands as I take pleasure in teasing her…

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