Never Forget You

I once met a girl that I truly loved…I  did everything she said… I was basically her little doggy… I was madly in love with her… she made me laugh… she made me cry… but I knew in my heart she was the one…


It all started when I first moved schools leaving my old life behind… I moved to an unknown school (Got Agulu Secondary School) I never heard of or a place I wasn’t familiar with (Usenge) a place only my friends Sam Owino and Andrew Kizito knew though i knew it before Andrew…
one day during the famous Jicho four outings. I saw this girl talking to her friend.. she had short hair… she was funny and seemed like the social type… I was the shy type and didn’t know what to say to her…the same day I saw her at lunch and i wanted to talk to her but didn’t know what to say… then a days passes and I ask Joseph who knows her if she is with anyone… he replies yes and I become sad… I still try to look for her to see if I would talk to her… but no luck
on finding her… So Two months passes and we happen to go to their school again, talking to people and I see her again… I couldn’t seem to find her because she dyed her hair… it was orange this time… I liked it…That day I talked to her in the pretense of asking her what they had for Lunch, because I was supposed to see her an talk to her that day… I finally had a reason to talk to her… so I did… I gave her my number and we said our goodbyes and left… I was so happy that day… Eventually we meet up again… she starts to text me and so at school I would hang out with her… she was amazing… the one day I couldn’t stand it… I
needed to have her… so on march 25 2010 I asked her out under a
clock tower at our school… she said yes… so I took her to class
and I was just so happy… Her birthday comes later 2 months later… that day we cried
because she said I wouldn’t last with her… and I cry because I loved her and i didn’t want to see her cry… I promised I would always be there for her… then she gets happy and kisses me… we go to the fair and have an amazing time… days go by… me and her love each other and the next we fight… but we still stay and love each other… one day I mess up… I told her stuff I shouldn’t have said… she gets mad and sad… I say sorry over and
over… I cried for her… she eventually forgives me… I really thought she was the one… eventually we fall madly in love… and we lose it to each other… and we get so happy we
almost have a family… but then eventually she tells me it wasn’t going to happen… and we cry… and we say we will do it again and we get happy… time goes by and we remind one
another about our love for another… then eventually we fight again… then we
break up… and she hurt me and pushed me away… so I try to get her out of my heart… a
month passes and I still cant… and so I visit her at her Campus In Eldoret go back out with her and try it again… shes scared and things I will leave her again… I try and try to get her believe I still love her and never do that again… one day a friend talks stuff on her… I didn’t like it so I went to set him straight and talk normal to him… eventually a fight happens… then he tells the school I started it when it was all him… and so I had to go to court to find out if i will end up getting sent to juvenile hall for standing up for her… I didn’t mind because it was for the love of my life… but i never tell her cause I didn’t want to worry her… time goes by… and she says she still loved me… but then one day… she says she will have to move… I get sad and cry… but then she tells me its over about 5 days later and she says she doesn’t love me anymore… I cried some more… I couldn’t eat… I couldn’t sleep… I tried to get her back… but I also messed that chance up… she stopped caring and she ends up completely gone…sometimes I wish I could go back till the times when she said she still loved me if it was ever true… she is amazing… and if she ever came back to me… I know I couldn’t resist… I just have to have her as mine again… she stole my heart and never gave it back… I wish I can tell her my feelings… but from her point of view they ain’t real… when in fact… its all that love i felt for her that kept me going… and so it goes on till now… I miss her… I cry
for her… I dream about her… I still try to play the song I tried to make for her… shes all I ever asked for… shes not perfect but then again no one is… I still love her though… I


would take a bullet for her… even after Four Years I still would… I would love to tell her I love her once again and feel her amazing lips on mine once more… I never regret meeting her… she was the best thing that ever happened to me… I would do it all again for her… even though she’s not mine… that love will be there… and I would still be there for her…


  1. Ms_nkirote says:

    Confessions got real


    1. abumcogutu says:

      Haha wapi hapo


      1. Ms_nkirote says:

        U know better


      2. abumcogutu says:

        haha ni kuandika ndo nilipenda


  2. Damn that confession thou😂😂😂


    1. abumcogutu says:

      hahahaha really… just some writing tu


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