One Year Already…

I want to Love Her in the softest way possible honestly. I don’t want to be toxic in her life that I will put her on defense mode all the time and remind her of how ugly and cruel I can be.

I feel like I have to protect her. I hate who I become when I feel like am putting her at at risk. I want to Love and like this girl

I want to Love Her soft and well taken care of, pushed to be the best of her Known and unknown Capabilities.

I want to water her to bloom as She has been watering Me, I like Her personality I don’t take it as a threat. I Pray to give her a room to grow and flourish.

Happy Anniversary Babe ❤️🤍


  1. Ruvarashe15 says:

    One Year engaged to You Simon 😍
    Looking forward to saying Yes again 😝


  2. Rodaprisca says:

    Happy anniversary to you both 🥰 wins


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