Thoughts #2

Love Can Be So confusing But In The Long Run You got to Follow Your Heart…



Its been a weird few months. Crazy crazy weird. Months without talking to the man I love most. we hit the rocks hard. I don’t quite know what happened, the specifics aren’t really important anyway. We broke up . Months of nightmare. Everything was into a coma. I was in a dilemma.


I don’t trust easily. It’s very very hard. But then when I trust, I do it as a fool.The hardest point is gaining my trust. When you gain it things go wrong when you mess up my trust.  When I returned from Nyeri I fell hard and fast for this man . He Swept me off my feet and never once doubted what we had.  Those short months of uncertainty trashed me. I was depressed, anxious, totally lost. Now I’m scared.


We had arguments like any other lovers but our arguments never lasted for long. We didn’t have…

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