He Doesn’t Get Attached Anymore

He doesn’t get attached because he simply learned that attachment is the root of all evil.
It makes him cling to things he should let go of. It makes him chase people that are wrong for him. It makes him go after things that are probably not meant for him. It clouds his logic and his judgment because he’s holding on out of fear rather than conviction.

He doesn’t get attached because he learned that not everything is his to keep.
That there are blessings in letting go and goodbyes and releasing whatever was holding him back. He knows that the more he is attached to something and afraid of losing it, the more he will push it away because he’s only focused on rather than giving.

He doesn’t get attached because he knows that people eventually leave.
They don’t always mean what they say. They don’t always keep their promises. They don’t always come back. They don’t always love him forever and even if they do, love is sometimes not enough to keep a relationship going. He knows that getting attached too soon will always end in disappointment. He knows that people change their minds overnight.

He doesn’t get attached anymore because he’s tired of people pulling away, people changing their minds, people leaving, people not knowing what they want or what they’re looking for.

He doesn’t get attached anymore because he realized that one-sided attachment hurts.
One-sided attachment always brings him pain. One-sided attachment makes him love himself a little less and makes her forget his own worth. He realized that when he gets attached, he loses himself and he vowed never to lose himself for anyone ever again.

He doesn’t get attached anymore because he’s learning to let go, he’s learning to move on, he’s learning that it doesn’t always have to be his way.
He’s learning that his heart is not always right and attraction can be blind. He’s slowly learning to detach from everything that makes him question himself or his love.

He doesn’t get attached but he still knows how to love. He’s finally accepting that they’re not the same.
He’s finally learning that if you really love someone, maybe releasing them is the expression of love. Letting them be who they truly want to be or be with the partner they’ve always wanted. He’s finally learning that if He’s meant to be with someone, they’ll both kind of attach to each other by default, like a magnet, without anyone pushing or pulling, without anyone detaching and without any need to control one another.

He doesn’t get attached anymore because he’s finally learning that everything is temporary and maybe the whole point of love is just to enjoy it while it lasts instead of trying to cling to it forever.

(Source: http://thoughtcatalog.com)