Governance, Human Rights and Development in Africa

By Javas Bigambo
The 2012(13) General Election in Kenya is going to be a critical, earth-moving and likely to be an expensive affair. The nation is at pivotal and authentically historical point. It is a national turning point, and like it happens with revolutions, the nation is expected to turn with the times, from the drub cannibal politics and despotic leanings, and take democratic trajectory.
The choices are stark, the stakes are high, and anxieties are on the brink. Candidates for various offices are taking positions, and the electorate is being treated to a noisy, confusing, tribal and blood-letting market place. Everyone will have to choose their preferred candidates: for president, gubernatorial, parliamentary and a host of other seats. As expected, most voters are going to be so much confused at the booth. So candidates need to do their ground campaigns well, and reduce errors to their advantage. Here are…

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