Am Humbled by this Piece…



I call him my wakili friend, he calls me mwandishi because I write. Because he is ambitous he also wants to join me in this world of writing. Your classes are starting soon . More so he is my lawyer. At my age, you know am a lady ain’t saying how old I am but be sure am pretty privileged to have one. I salute my wakili very much. Allow me to mention this he got a multicharacter unlike men of his age or older. Am really humbled to have him as a friend. Some few weeks when he knew mm ni mwandishi he shared my  link to iamteamxtiandelaig6. This melted my heart into pieces. You don’t find such souls easily.


He goes by the Simon Ochieng Ogutu but since I knew him. I have never called him any of the above. Am used to calling him Abu or wakili…

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